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♥ There are many methods of taking care of your crystals. Please google the recommended option for the crystal that you are cleansing as some crystals may weaken if the wrong methods are being used.

♥ If you are constantly working with your crystals, manifesting and healing with them, we recommend cleansing them at least once every 2 weeks. 

Below are some recommendations:-

(Please google or search via youtube on how to use these methods)

♥ Running water (Crysty’s favourite method)

♥ Rainwater

♥ Salt Water

♥ Sea Salt Bed

♥ Palo Santo / Sage

♥ Sunlight

♥ Moonlight

♥ Selenite / Satin Spar

♥Earth (Soil)

♥ Vibrations (Singing Bowl)

♥ Crystal healing and journey should be therapeutic and comfortable, please use methods based on your comfort level.