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Heart Chakra

Located in the chest region, the Heart Chakra is responsible for regulating feelings of love, compassion, and emotional healing. Peace, empathy, and harmonious relationships are the results of a healthy Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra, which is responsible for emotional healing and the promotion of unconditional love, can be opened and balanced with the use of crystals. Crystals, whether worn as jewelry, kept close, or placed over the heart during meditation, can assist in healing emotional traumas, increasing self-love and compassion, and opening the Heart Chakra to radiate love and warmth.

Beautiful stone which has a large range of colours. It can increase the confidence you have in yourself, creating an environment in which you can attain your aspirations.

It has excellent effects on regulating nerves, enhancing memory, improving sleep, and maintaining vigorous energy. Enhances the capabilities of the mind and clears your consciousness of all frustrations and distractions, allowing you to think clearly and enhance attentiveness.

Yan Yuan Agate can eliminate physical fatigue, lower blood pressure, protect the heart and spleen.

If you lack self-worth & personal importance, Strawberry Quartz is one of the best stones to have because it encourages you to withstand any obstacles in your daily life. It assists you to recognise how important you are as a person and encourages you to love yourself more. 
It is also known to be the stone of attraction. Strawberry Quartz ensures that your talents don’t go unnoticed hence it’s one of the stones best suited for workplace recognition. The stone harnesses the energies of friendship so you will be able to attract new forms of friendships with people you least expect. 
In relation to the Quartz family, Strawberry Quartz carries a strong vibration of positive energy that can help to enhance the vibration of other stones. 
The stone is best applied when you require the need of strength & positive energy from loved ones.

This is a stone that will convince you to open your heart, kindle love and promote harmony.

It will amplify your creative energies and motivations, inspire you to take the right actions and make the best decisions in your future, give you the strength to stay your course and to commit to the work that you should do.

Known to have a very soothing energy that will guide you in releasing your fears and anxieties, calm ADHD and hyperactivity. An effective stone for bipolar disorder & depression.

Spinel is a stress-relieving stone that can also boost your energy levels when you're feeling down. It will provide you new hope and give you the strength to confront life's obstacles.

Spinel has been used to ease bodily inflammations and reduce feelings of anxiousness and anxiety. If you're struggling with low self-esteem or confidence, this is the perfect stone to help you believe in yourself and your abilities more.

It is a stone of safety, stability, and grounding. At an emotional level, it will assist you in letting go of hurt feelings and anger.

By boosting energy and stamina and easing metabolic processes, spinel can aid in weight loss.

Rhodochrosite is a stone of self-assurance, allowing you to realize your full potential and pursue whatever goal you set for yourself. It aids in reestablishing a feeling of completeness.

It will also speed up the process of making your dreams and goals a reality. Those who are focused and diligent will reap the rewards of Rhodochrosite's abundance-bringing properties.

In order to recover the confident and joyful person you once were, Rhodochrosite will help you recognize and respect your suffering while also reminding you to be kind to yourself.

The sakura agate stone helps you feel calm and peaceful, and it also helps you accept and let go of everything that life tosses at you, so you can grow through it. It's great for people going through tough times since it provides stability, stress alleviation, and grounding energies.

By boosting your self-assurance, sakura agate helps you take baby steps toward your goals, and before you know it, your dreams have flowered into a fully realized reality.

Sakura agate encourages joy and helps you pursue your interests. As a calming and centering stone, sakura agate gives one the assurance that everything is going to be fine.

Even when you're facing your own personal challenges, coral jade will help you maintain a more optimistic view on life.

The healing and protective powers of this stone are especially beneficial to mothers and young children. When problems arise with the cardiovascular system, it can be helpful.

In times of financial difficulty, it can be an extremely useful stone to possess. You can use this stone to finally break the cycle of debt and become financially independent.

Peach Moonstone is a stone of hope and optimism, bringing a sense of joy and happiness into your life, help you see the positive aspects of any situation and maintain a hopeful outlook even in the darkest of times.

Known for promoting inner peace and calmness, it can help you find emotional balance and stability, help reduce stress and anxiety, especially during times of stress.

It can help you let go of old emotional wounds and negative thinking patterns and embrace change.

If you have difficulty sleeping, try wearing this to sleep for better sleep quality and relieve insomnia!

Golden fluorite dispels negativity and bias, boosts confidence and hope, and stimulates inventiveness and insight. It aids people in sorting out their disarray and figuring out what to do next.

The use of golden fluorite can help maintain harmony in interpersonal interactions. It has the potential to bring about favorable outcomes such as increased prosperity, vitality, inventiveness, and mental acuity.

Working together for the greater good and making decisions with good intentions are major themes of golden fluorite.

The high vibration of the gemstone helps to strengthen one's energy fields and exude an aura of vigour and strength. If you wear tiger's eye, you will be blessed with success and plenty in any endeavour you undertake. Attracting riches and having the self-assurance to keep it is both made easier with its support.

When worn by lovers, newlyweds, or married couples going through tough times, tiger's eye helps strengthen their commitment to one another and their affection for one another. Lovebirds are encouraged to work together in harmony.

Green Aventurine is a great stone that attracts opportunities into your life and increases odds of success. This stone is a must have for those looking for job opportunity/career advancement.

It enhances one’s creativity and motivation and encourages perseverance in manoeuvring life’s obstacles.

Green Aventurine is particularly supportive of the heart, and is excellent for those with cardiac conditions, circulatory problems, or recovering from surgery or illness. It assists in healing the adrenals, lungs, thymus gland, and nervous system.

It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, easing skin eruptions, such as acne, eczema, and rosacea, and soothes allergies and migraine headaches.

Prehnite calms the environment and brings peace and protection.
It pushes you to let go of addictions, compulsions, and what does not serve you, clearing the path to a healthy, happy life. It allows you to form healthy habits that will benefit your growth and health.

Prehnite is also very soothing to the mind and can help rid mental clutter and toxic thoughts that cause you to experience negative emotions.

Prehnite heals the kidneys and bladder, thymus gland, shoulders, chest and lungs. It treats gout and blood disorders.

Unakite is a stone of vision that opens the third eye and is useful for scrying. It is also believed to be a stone of balance, grounding the self while bringing emotions and spirituality together.

The Unakite crystal is also known to support the female reproductive system and aid in a healthy pregnancy. It can also bring healing from physical illness, and stimulate the health and growth of the hair and nails.

If you struggle with depression, insomnia or addiction issues then this is absolutely a stone you should have in your life.

Green Onyx is a stone of power. It provides self-confidence, which helps you feel relaxed. Onyx also helps to lead a fulfilling life by banishing grief, enhancing self-control, and fostering sound decision-making.

They are also beneficial for treating ulcers and regulating blood pressure. Besides that, it also aids in treating ailments and disorders that affect the nose, eyes, skin, and abdomen. Onyx is the perfect stone to boost the health of your teeth, bones, and hair as well.

This green sparkly crystal is one of our must-haves. Green Strawberry Quartz are said to improve relationship amongst others, particularly in work and career relationship. This is our go-to when it comes to forming relationship with new customers, friendships as well as soul mates. It assists in the development of solid attachments as well as lasting friendships.

The stone helps to amplify intentions of love, generosity and appreciation. It is also said to vitalise the energy of your heart, allowing you to receive and give love.

It can make it easier for you to love who you are. Contributes to the likelihood that others will recognize and value the contributions you make as well as the talents you possess.

A unique green type of garnet that is known to be a great manifestation stone that helps you to manifest what you desire. A great stone to enhance psychic communication and growth of intuition.

This is a powerful stne to stimulate the growth of wealth & abundance in many areas of your life. A strong stone to boost both abundance & prosperity especially related to monetary matters.

The stone will boost your wealth while amplifying the loving energies of your relationship.

This is a great stone if you are looking to have stronger connection with your guardian angels. It will give you peace and serenity in your life and will show you how you can have lasting peace and happiness.

Known to be the angel stone, it can also bring you good fortune, prosperity, abundance and good health.

Seraphinite will encourage good flow of energy into your life that will help you with your decision making. It will give you harmony and balance so that you will always be surrounded by positivity.

Believed to bring in good luck, abundance, friendship, peace, and harmony. It is also a protective stone that wards off the negative energies that surround you.

Green Jade is a stone that will help you in the manifestation of your dreams into reality. It’s considered a very lucky gemstone, usually bringing the peace and harmony in tense or conflicted situations.

Prasiolite attracts abundance, prosperity, furtune into your life, and help you manifest goals. It is associated with both tranquillity and inner strength. Prasiolite helps eliminate negativity and manifest more positive, joyful anergy.

Beneficial for students, as it provide clarity in thinking and enhance one’s memory. It will encourage you to realize your full potential by doing something different.

It’s a stone of good fortune. Wearer of this stone will attract all things good when it comes to money, wealth, and opportunities. It symbolizes abundance, expansion, and new beginnings.

Malachite has powerful health benefits. It relieves cold sweats, malaria, and Parkinson’s disease. It also helps to cure asthma, intestinal problems, and rheumatic pain.

Known to treat epilepsy, travel sickness, vertigo, asthma, rheumatic pains and lower blood pressure. Malachite crystal benefits in the healing of fractures, swollen joints, tumors, torn muscles, and broken bones. It stimulates the liver to release toxins and enhances the immune system of the wearer.

(NOTE: Malachite can be considered toxic when it touches water. If come in contact with water, please wash your hands)

Moss agate is said to encourage tranquility and emotional balance. Moss agate is the perfect stone for those who experience strong aggression or overly nurturing emotions, helping to balance male and female energies whenever they become too extreme.

Moss agate is also associated with budding friendships. It's suggested to wear this gemstone when meeting new people to draw them in and foster new relationships. 

Ruby Zoisite has life force energies that make it an effective stone for healing. It will bring whoever wears it a positive and happy feelings that will fight emotional diseases like depression.

Ruby Zoisite will give you energies of healing that will help you release suppressed anger or feelings of self-harm or self-disregard.

It will give you courage and fortitude when facing a stressful personal or professional life. Ruby Zoisite will boost your self-confidence.

The green kind of strawberry quartz is associated with the vibrational energy of love. Its metaphysical properties include the ability to heal.

It can make it easier for you to love who you are. Contributes to the likelihood that others will recognize and value the contributions you make as well as the talents you possess.

Its soothing and comforting frequency is beneficial to you in your hunt for your soulmate or the ideal love companion. Assists in the development of solid attachments as well as lasting friendships.

The emerald is a stone of hope and renewal. It's great for releasing tension and calming the heart. It's a source of motivation, equilibrium, insight, and tolerance. It is believed that by wearing it, one can more easily give and receive unconditional love, so fostering friendship, serenity, harmony, and household joy.

It's good for business transactions and all sorts of relationships since it encourages open communication and loyalty from both parties.

By neutralising harmful free radicals, emerald helps the body function at peak performance. Reported benefits include improved circulation and nerve health, plus a strengthened heart and kidneys.

Emerald strengthens the spirit and aids in overcoming adversity. It gives the oppressed a sense of joy, recuperation, and regeneration. It alleviates claustrophobia and fury while instilling a sense of well-being. It brings subconscious thoughts to the surface and encourages self-awareness.

By balancing emotions and the mind, peridot is believed to offer good health, restful sleep, and tranquilly to relationships. This welcoming brilliant green stone has an unusual ability to encourage eloquence and inventiveness, as well as delight and good cheer. It draws love and soothes anger by renewing all things.

Because of its potential to treat heart-related disorders, peridot is recognised as one of the best gemstones for emotional healing. This crystal extinguishes feelings associated with self-blame. Because of its pleasant energy, you will be able to overcome feelings of fury and resentment, as well as irritation and irritability.

Wearing this stone will assist you in overcoming sentiments of bitterness and envy. It will bring you happiness, joy, and enhanced relationships, as well as new ones. Wear this stone to boost self-confidence, motivation, and the capacity to see the world in a more positive way.

The gemstone diopside is used to open one up to new perspectives and spark new ideas. Having a healthier mind makes it easier to learn new things. Diopside is useful while grasping abstract ideas. It will improve your ability to remember and think clearly.

Diopside offers a nurturing and reassuring vibe that can help you recognise the hidden abilities you may have been hiding from yourself and is useful for treating physical and mental fatigue. It assists people to let go of rigid beliefs and replace them with openness to fresh information.

It'll inspire you to achieve more and bring more good fortune into your life. This crystal will help you visualise your ideas more vividly and creatively. It will help you hone in on what you really want and speed up the process through which you achieve it.

Green topaz is said to stimulate the heart chakra and restore its equilibrium. When this chakra is in harmony, we feel empathetic, forgiving, and contented with ourselves and the world around us.

Wearing a green topaz will also bring you success and fortune.

When positioned at the solar plexus, green topaz promotes cellular renewal and strengthens the area.

If you're looking to boost your emotional well-being, chrysoprase is the stone for you. Emotional stability, forgivingness, empathy, personal development, self-love, and a positive outlook on life are all bolstered by this stone.

When you wear or own Chrysoprase, people will be in awe of your level head and ability to see clearly when everyone else is losing theirs. People will want to form personal relationships with you because of your ability to consider both the rational and emotional dimensions of a problem.

People who are highly attuned to their surroundings, such as those who work in the healing arts or who are naturally empathic, often wear chrysoprase because of the stone's protective powers.

The Green Phantom is revered as a potent attractor of financial success and unexpected opportunities. Money and professional success are two areas where the Green Phantom shines. This peaceful stone aids with the growth of one's spirituality while also providing strength, clarity, and inspiration. Memory, thought, and focus are all boosted by the stone. It also helps to protect the wearer from psychic attacks.

Green Phantom has the ability to cleanse toxins from the body, improve the performance of the pineal and pituitary glands, and rev up the immune system. This peaceful gemstone aids with the growth of one's spirituality while also providing strength, clarity, and inspiration. The Green Phantom stone has been said to improve one's ability to remember, think, and focus.

This earth-based stone aids in gaining insight into oneself and gaining perspective on one's past. In addition to its use as a powerful tool for manifesting one's will, it has a well-deserved reputation as an exceptional aura cleaner. By banishing destructive feelings and ideas, it helps your life's energies flow more smoothly. Additionally, this stone shields the body from radiation damage.

Those who feel trapped in their life but desire to make significant changes or progress can benefit greatly from this stone.

Hiddenite represents a passionate and selfless love. For emotional well-being, use hiddenite to gain insight into your own personal strengths and shortcomings so you may work to improve or build upon them. If your heart is broken, this will help you put the pieces back together and feel love again.

It is a stone that will keep you on the path to monetary success and ensure that your interests are protected.

If you're single, Hiddenite can help you wake up and attract your soul mate. If you're attached, it can help you test how committed you are to your current relationship.

It is believed that green mica can boost one's vitality, shield them from harmful vibrations, and help them feel more connected to the earth. It may also aid in calming nerves and putting one at ease.

If you enjoy coming to the aid of others, this stone is for you. As a result, many healers can save time and energy by not having to play surrogate for their patients.

As a compassionate stone, aventurine is a powerful tool. It can quiet your soul when you are disturbed. And that inner calm can help you get through the day, even if you have to deal with some challenging people.

One nickname for aventurine is "the gambler's stone," a reference to the belief that the color green brings prosperity and good fortune. It is said that if you always have a piece of Aventurine on you, you will always win.

Green calcite can help you overcome past traumas by eliminating and blocking antagonistic energies, such as emotional disturbances.

Bringing up negative emotions like anger and resentment so you can process them and let them go is healthy for your mental and emotional well-being.

By infusing your emotions with optimism, tranquility, and peace, Green Calcite also aids in reestablishing equilibrium.

Green tourmaline is a potent healing stone that also stimulates a heartfelt desire to help others. The energy environment around the heart is stabilized and brought into harmony as a result. It will aid in the reduction of tension and the introduction of tranquility into your life.

Green tourmaline is also said to bring about financial prosperity. Green tourmaline attracts wealth and good fortune. It has the added benefit of warding against bad luck.

It encourages caring, gentleness, and patience and fosters a feeling of community. With the help of green tourmaline, you can enjoy life without feeling bad about it. This stone will help you conquer your emotional troubles.

Users and the individuals they try to help can both benefit from the healing and calming effects of meditating on Garden Quartz. During times of crisis, the positive energy it brings makes it easier to adapt to new circumstances.

Garden quartz enhances the healing of the entire body by connecting with the user's highest spiritual intentions. It promotes healing by bringing the person's mental, spiritual, and bodily states into harmony with one another.

Those who already have too much self-control can benefit greatly from the use of alexandrite. You'll be reminded of how important it is to have a lot of positive experiences and to be surrounded by people who love and appreciate you.

Alexandrite is a stone of hope and encouragement when you've struck rock bottom and feel like giving up. The power of Alexandrite will fortify you and lead you down the road to joy, success, and illumination. It also contains a strong protecting charm that will shield you from harm and keep you unaffected by outside forces.

This is the stone of good fortune, long life, and happiness. Confidence and pride in oneself are also represented by the Alexandrite gemstone. You'll feel more assured and hopeful about the future as a result.

As a result of green kyanite's balancing effect, we are able to be authentic while still interacting with the world around us.

As a spiritually energising stone, green kyanite can assist in letting go of destructive habits and making room in your heart for fresh opportunities. Gaining self-assurance and self-respect is aided by it.

You may freely express yourself and share your thoughts with this stone since it keeps the lines of communication open. Another great use for this stone is to help parties involved in a dispute open out to one another and work together.

To embrace change and bring about positive transformations in your life, green kyanite is an excellent tool to employ.

Known to be the stone of hope & courage. Recommended if you want a something to manifest in your life. The stones encourages you to step out of your comfort zone & to fulfil your dreams and desires.

Amazonite is great on promoting overall metabolism & sleep. Stone can help to reduce addictions and also is known to remove electromagnetic smog for frequent electronic users.

Wearing Amazonite is also known to be the stone of success and good fortune. The stone can help to relieve anger and tension. If you are seeking for good and honest communication, wearing Amazonite will assist you with this journey.

Blue Rose Quartz is said to have a calming and soothing energy, promoting peace and tranquility. It is also believed to help with communication and self-expression, as well as enhance intuition and psychic abilities. Many people use Blue Rose Quartz in meditation or carry it with them as a talisman or amulet. Therefore it is a powerful tool for spiritual growth, as it enhances intuition, communication, and spiritual awareness.

The London blue topaz is a powerful gemstone associated with good fortune and plenty. It facilitates communication on every level.

This stone can help you focus your energies where they are most needed. It helps you communicate more effectively with yourself and rids your mind of destructive thought processes.

The strength of those who wear London blue topaz is bolstered as a bonus.

Kunzite energies will bring you great empathy for the people surrounding you. Kunzite help one to achieve unconditional love, to center themselves, to calm nerves, to enhance self-expression, and to cultivate a deep selfless love for everyone.

It can help you let go of your fears and worries about the future, and it will ease your sadness and anxieties in the present.

The ethereal lavender moon quartz is a tool for venturing into uncharted psychic territory. You can also use it to bring in positive energy and let go of past wounds or negative emotions.

Some people find it helpful for achieving a state of calm and serenity, while others find it useful for relieving stress.

Those seeking to delve more deeply into their spiritual path might do well to choose lavender moon quartz.

By releasing any emotional blocks, Charoite can help you experience the love that surrounds you more fully. It will dismantle your defences and eliminate your anxieties.

If you're sick, Charoite can turn you healthy again. As an added bonus, it can hasten recovery time and alleviate aches and pains.

You will be empowered to begin anew following a personal or professional setback with the help of charoite. Regrouping, rethinking, and re-strategizing will be easier with the emotional support it provides.

Believed to aid in the attainment of enlightenment and personal harmony, this stone is linked with the love of the divine.

Many people find that wearing lavender quartz aids in achieving mental stability, healing wounds, and finding inner peace and love for oneself.

This stone can help with anxiety and fear, and it can alleviate stress and sadness.

With its vibrant plum color, this gemstone resonates with the heart chakra, offering healing and rejuvenation. It promotes self-love, confidence, and creativity, while also aiding in overcoming past traumas and negative patterns. Plum Tourmaline's energy inspires spiritual growth and a deeper connection to oneself, bringing peace and harmony to the mind and spirit.

One of our founder's favourite stone of all time. Rose Quartz is known to improve relationships with all walks of life around you. It helps you to attract wonderful working relationship with co-workers, customers, friends and loved ones.

Known to be the stone of love, tenderness, and sensuality. Rose Quartz is a calming and reassuring crystal that reminds you that you are never alone. It is excellent to soothe grief and helps to strengthen the love for yourself whenever you require that additional support.

In workplace, rose quartz can help to provide support against gossip and it’s a wonderful crystal to aid in attracting soulmates, friends, and partners.

Most importantly, Rose Quartz encourage you to love yourself more. You will then be able to give and receive more love from others once you master truly accepting and loving yourself.

Wearing Rose Quartz can also help you to make good decisions to create a happy & prosperous future. Assisting you with your successful journey and your desire to be wealthy and happy!

This is an excellent stone to enhance talents and skills, stimulate inspiration and creativity. It is useful when you want to broaden your horizons and increase chance of success (helps you attract many opportunities).

It has the effect of purifying negative energy turning it positive, hence often use for turning point of luck.

Beautiful conch shells are known to be beneficial for diseases associated with the lung such as bronchitis, asthma, and tuberculosis. It is known to heal the urinary system, heart, kidneys, and liver.

Morganite will help you attract your soulmate, attract an abundance of love into your life, and encourage you to be more receptive to the love people give. It will also help you clear your aura so that others will be attracted to your energy.

It will allow you to discover your own strength and courage, will give you a clear vision of your goals and just what you need to do to achieve them.

If you require confidence & optimism especially when you are making big decisions about your relationships, career or personal life – Rhodonite will be your best friend.

Paired with both Sakura and deep pink Rhodonite, we have covered you to assist you with being fearless and passionate about what you love. The softer shade of rhodonite assist you with harmony, peace & personal healing. Whereas the deep pink version helps with to overcome problems with that fearless and passionate attitude.

A great stone to have as part of your collection for protection, joy, happiness, love & balance.

Soapstone is commonly believe to have a soothing, balancing effect while creating positive, calming energy. Soapstone is valuable as it helps one prepare for changes in life. Soapstone is said to promote truth, logic, and rational and creative thinking.

It is a stone that brings trust and supports you to build better relationships with people around you. Therefore it's good for those who are not fluent with interacting with people and those who are not good at conversation.

It's known that it will relax the mind and body of the owner because of its excellent absorption of negative energies.

As a stone representing prosperity, it helps couples keep the love and money that they've worked so hard to build. Ruby encourages leaders to be active and productive. It's helpful for getting problems out into the open, where they can be addressed effectively.

Ruby will clear the way for you to safely blaze a trail, even though it will increase your readiness to take chances and you may worry that you will become irresponsible. The ruby's reputation as a protecting stone for travelers extends to their minds, hearts, and souls.

Ruby is highly charged with passion and energy. It's a social stone that seems to bring about sex. It's useful for combating fatigue, apathy, and lethargy, and it helps tame hyperactivity, too.

Some of your fears can be allayed with the help of Ruby stones, while others can be greatly reduced if you have the courage to face them head-on. If you apply this principle to amassing wealth, you'll find that taking calculated risks pays off and that having faith in your own abilities helps you achieve even greater financial success.

Pink Tourmaline is reported to offer an emotional calming and soothing impact, aiding in the relief of anxiety, tension, and despair. It is also thought to boost self-esteem and love, making it a popular choice for individuals looking to find their emotional center.

The gemstone can aid to boost the wearer's self-worth and capacity to express oneself successfully by promoting positive and caring energies. It is supposed to improve job efficiency, replenish energy, and offer professional success, as well as financial advantages and pride.

Pink Tourmaline is linked to spiritual development and self-discovery, and it is claimed to help remove negative energy and enhance overall well-being. The gemstone can also aid to provide balance to the mind, body, and spirit by fostering inner calm and tranquility.

Pink sapphires are often seen as symbols of adoration, fidelity, compassion, innocence, and grace. Pink sapphire rings are a popular choice for couples looking to symbolize their love for one another.

Pink sapphire is said to bring success in one's career, prosperity in one's personal life, love and devotion in one's relationships and the restoration of a damaged aura.

It is believed that this stone can boost one's intuition and creativity, allowing them to more easily accomplish their objectives and dreams. In addition to offering its wearer good fortune and success, it also aids in emotional balance and harmony.

Many people believe mica may help them feel more at peace with themselves and the world, as well as restore harmony and balance.

It is also believed that mica can aid in the removal of negative energy and the enhancement of positive energy. Mica is a grounding and calming stone that can help ease anxiety and stress.

Mica is a common tool for crystal healers in their quest to purify and cleanse the aura.

Pink agate is a stone that can help calm negative emotions and replace them with more positive ones. You may find that it aids in the realisation that you're holding onto negative energy that isn't helping you at all.

This stone is sometimes referred to as "The Protector of Children" because to its ability to help parents feel a stronger bond with their children.

The theory is that by removing harmful substances from your system, your immune system will be better prepared to ward off illness.

When you want to cultivate all of your dreams, cherry agate is an excellent crystal to use.

When you begin small and work your way up, you'll soon find that your confidence has grown, and that once-dreamed-of concept has flowered into a fully realised reality.

The bond between parents and children can be strengthened—or perhaps nurtured—with the help of this wonderful stone. By owning this stone, you can be more methodical and exacting, increasing the likelihood that your plans will come to fruition.

The qualities of self-awareness, self-assurance, forgiveness, and acceptance are fostered by this stone.

If you wear a pink topaz stone, it will enhance your passion and make you want to engage in more intimate activities with your partner. There are claims that it can boost fertility as well.

A pink topaz is a wonderful token of your affection that will have a favourable impact on the receiver.

Emotionally, guava quartz promotes inner peace and healing, fostering a sense of love and compassion within oneself and towards others. Physically, Guava Quartz is believed to boost vitality and rejuvenate the body, offering a revitalizing energy that supports overall well-being.

Metaphysically, Guava Quartz inspires creativity and innovation, making it a valuable aid for artists and creative thinkers seeking inspiration. It also enhances the manifestation of desires and attracts abundance, guiding individuals towards success and fulfillment in both love and career endeavors.

A wonderful stone for those who are particularly stressed out by work or other factors. Meditate with Hypersthene to help rejuvenate energy levels and bring down anxiety.

If you're stuck at a crossroads in life, this stone is useful in guiding a person to the right solution to a problem, the stone also aids with a person’s journey to achieving success.

Believed to be a very lucky stone when it comes to gambling and a particularly powerful protective talisman.

Spinel is a stone of safety, stability, and grounding that can re-energize all elements of yourself. This stone helps to shield yourself from any negative energy or discouragement that may arise during uncertain periods of change.

Spinel is also a great stone to use if you're trying to boost your confidence. It can show you how to love yourself despite your shortcomings and remind you that you are perfect the way you are.

This stone can be a helpful companion for those who are nursing an injury or illness. It can also relieve weariness and replace dwindling energy levels.

Opal is known for its powerful defensive properties. Opal is a great stone for clearing your aura and increasing your personal safety, clarity of thought, energy, and good fortune. It can aid in making sense of your history and incorporating it into your current life such that it benefits you rather than holds you back.

Opal symbolizes balance and can help you manage and balance your emotions and moods. Both joy and originality benefit from this. Opal is a lucky stone that can be used to attract riches, good health, and overall happiness into one's life. The vibrations of opal will bring devotion and faithfulness into your partnership. Increased sensitivity to one's feelings is another benefit.

If you keep an opal near your heart, its energies will help you feel lighter and freer, allowing you to let go of suppressed feelings.

The therapeutic properties of nephrite jade are well-documented. Its restorative qualities can hasten recovery or improve health in general. If you want to make your friendships stronger, this is the stone for you. Strengthen your relationships and let go of resentment.

Wearing a piece of nephrite jade will grant its owner health, prosperity, and protection. It's a stone of plenty that can enhance your life in general and your financial situation in particular.
A popular good luck talisman, this stone can facilitate the effortless and abundant flow of good fortune into your life.

Embracing change and progress is the essence of white phantom. It can ease the change from one stage of life to another.

A wonderful aura cleanser, white phantom can assist you in clearing your auric field of any negative energies and bringing your chakras into harmony. By clearing your mind of any negativity, it allows more positive energy to enter into your life. Safeguarding the body from dangerous radiation is another function of this stone.

As you cultivate your spirituality, this calming stone will provide you with power, insight, and inspiration. Additionally, white phantom enhances focus, memory, and cognition.

The caring stone, Himalayan quartz, also has a powerful feminine energy. It is an exceptional stone for facilitating mother-child bonding, as well as for reestablishing contact with older children or loved ones who have departed.

Both children and adults can benefit from the stone's calming effects on dreams and its ability to ward off night terrors and nightmares. Additionally, it aids children in overcoming their fear of darkness.

Additionally, this stone is a crystal that promotes harmony in relationships by strengthening bonds between loved ones and fostering ardour for new romantic partnerships. As a result, relationships flourish, families get closer, love blossoms, and mutual understanding and communication flourish.

Pearls are believed to provide a calming effect and enhance one's ability to think clearly. Legend has it that pearls can help you control your temper and bring harmony into your life. If you find it difficult to concentrate or have a lot going through your head, try donning a pair of pearls.

As a remedy for overwork-related burnout, peals have been tried and true by many. According to popular belief, pearls can also assist one achieve professional success.

Reportedly, pearls are a lucky charm. According to popular belief, pearl earrings can help you realise your aspirations.