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Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra, an energy hub in the lower belly, is responsible for regulating one's emotional health, passions, and creative capacities. A balanced Sacral Chakra is associated with fulfilling relationships, originality, and happiness. When worn properly, crystals can help bring harmony to the Sacral Chakra, which in turn promotes emotional healing and unleashes one's creative potential. People might experience a surge of energy and delight when they wear crystals as jewelry or place them on their lower belly while meditation. This practice helps to relieve emotional blocks, inspire passion, and awaken the creative spirit within.

Beautiful stone which has a large range of colours. It can increase the confidence you have in yourself, creating an environment in which you can attain your aspirations.

It has excellent effects on regulating nerves, enhancing memory, improving sleep, and maintaining vigorous energy. Enhances the capabilities of the mind and clears your consciousness of all frustrations and distractions, allowing you to think clearly and enhance attentiveness.

Yan Yuan Agate can eliminate physical fatigue, lower blood pressure, protect the heart and spleen.

Carnelian healing stones in your life because they will help ground you and anchor you to reality. It will bring more positivity to your life. You will feel more energetic and optimistic, and you will be able to overcome past traumas.

This stone will give you courage and help you discover your hidden talents

Carnelians are great for ladies to ease the pains of menstrual cramps and other pains and discomforts brought about by your monthly period. It can also help increase fertility.

The name "Merchant's Stone" is a reference to Cinnabar's reputation for facilitating the accumulation and preservation of great wealth. It's also great for counteracting the dark energy in your environment and replacing them with something more uplifting. The wearer or keeper of this miraculous gem will be showered with riches and blessed with an exceptionally long life.

If you want to be a good leader, this stone will help you be more confident without coming across as forceful or domineering.

Cinnabar is helpful for people who are struggling with self-acceptance or low self-esteem since it boosts confidence and self-assurance. This powerful stone has the ability to calm your nerves and open your heart. Possessing this stone might enable those who are overly sensitive to avoid viewing the world through a gloomy lens, putting an end to internal comparisons and feelings of jealousy.

By possessing Cinnabar, you'll not only have a more attractive personality, but you'll also be more devoted to your partner, more faithful to your relationship, and less likely to engage in scandalous activity.

Cinnabar's incredible capacity to stimulate kundalini energy is also the secret to improving one's sexual self-assurance and proficiency.

Spessartite garnet is said to boost imagination, libido, and physical attraction. It can be used to manifest a romantic partner, a new job, or a creative idea by cleansing one's auric field of any obstructions. Because of how quickly it helps us bring about our wishes, it needs to be used with care.

This stone's therapeutic vibration helps the body mend and rejuvenate damaged tissues and organs on multiple levels. The healing and rejuvenating powers of the body are greatly enhanced by the presence of spessartite garnet. Their vibe can shield you from harm and help you overcome your fears.

This stone motivates us to act on our thoughts, visions, and goals by increasing our creative energy and skill in all areas. It makes you feel upbeat, assured, and ready to take action.

Frequent wearing of this stone can help people stimulate inspiration. It is a great talisman and amulet against negative people, environment and ill thoughts.

It can also improve concentration, boost confidence, increase positive energy within and help to clear negative emotions.

For those who are looking for career progression, the golden sheen symbolizes abundance and prosperity.

Those who already have too much self-control can benefit greatly from the use of alexandrite. You'll be reminded of how important it is to have a lot of positive experiences and to be surrounded by people who love and appreciate you.

Alexandrite is a stone of hope and encouragement when you've struck rock bottom and feel like giving up. The power of Alexandrite will fortify you and lead you down the road to joy, success, and illumination. It also contains a strong protecting charm that will shield you from harm and keep you unaffected by outside forces.

This is the stone of good fortune, long life, and happiness. Confidence and pride in oneself are also represented by the Alexandrite gemstone. You'll feel more assured and hopeful about the future as a result.

A stone of leadership that will showcase your abilities, strength of mind, and expanded consciousness. Sunstone is a joyful stone, invites you to be open, warm, and kind. It will bring about a willingness to give joy and happiness to others.

This stone will fill your life with enthusiasm, optimism, and encouragement. It dissipates fearfulness, alleviates stress and increases vitality, encourages independence and originality. This stone is specially helpful to those who have difficulty saying “No” to others.

Sunstone facilitates self-empowerment and independence, increases self-worth and confidence. It also helps with treating cartilage and spinal problems.

Great stone for hope and optimism, bringing a sense of joy and happiness into your life, help you see the positive aspects of any situation and maintain a hopeful outlook even in the darkest of times.

Promotes inner peace and calmness, it can help you find emotional balance and stability, help reduce stress and anxiety, especially during times of stress. It can help you let go of old emotional wounds and negative thinking patterns and embrace change.

A stone of leadership that will showcase your abilities, strength of mind, and expanded consciousness. Encourages independence and originality. Sunstone facilitates self-empowerment and independence. Increases self-worth and confidence.

Peach Moonstone is a stone of hope and optimism, bringing a sense of joy and happiness into your life, help you see the positive aspects of any situation and maintain a hopeful outlook even in the darkest of times.

Known for promoting inner peace and calmness, it can help you find emotional balance and stability, help reduce stress and anxiety, especially during times of stress.

It can help you let go of old emotional wounds and negative thinking patterns and embrace change.

If you have difficulty sleeping, try wearing this to sleep for better sleep quality and relieve insomnia!

When it comes to wealth and abundance, Orange Calcite is an excellent stone. It will promote responsible leadership, which will endear you to the people you work with and gain the respect of your peers.
It will encourage the hard work and perseverance needed to achieve your financial goals. The energies of Orange Calcite will fill you with confidence in executing your plans. It will keep you determined and help you to keep going even if there are setbacks. 

Whisky citrine can enhance your mental power and strengthen your will. It is said to help structure, focus and amplify thoughts and information, filter out distractions, aid concentration and open memory.

Great stone to uplift your spirit and emotions, encouraging feelings of well-being and optimism. They have cleansing energy and vibrations that help decease negativity and bring positivity and hope into your life.

Our founder’s favorite crystal in the world – Citrine. This is must-have stone for everyone who is manifesting and believes in positivity. Citrine can be used to fill up your life with positivity as it symbolizes joy, abundance & wealth.

It is known to increase the flow of money-based energy from one hand to another. The stone represents spiritual joy as it spreads positive and energetic energy into your life. Citrine is said to attract negative energies and transmute them into positive and joyful ones.

If you are looking for confidence and perhaps creative inspirations, Citrine helps with clear-mindedness and gives you an instant boost of energy to pursue your goals.

Lemon Citrine promotes personal transformation and change. So for individuals seeking fulfilment, this stone is particularly effective in boosting positive life energies, creativity, and independence.

Lemon Citrine can also boost your positivity by attracting positive energy and repelling negative energy. Thus it is often used in meditation practices and healing processes to clear negative energies and bring about balance.

Healing and supporting the emotional body, amber removes the bad energies that sap hope and motivation and substitutes them with an energising frequency that promotes positive transformation.

Amber is a stone of stability and balance, and she is a sign of flexibility and patience. Its positive, uplifting energy boosts confidence and positivity in others, as well as one's own abilities.

A lucky charm for enhancing one's inherent brightness and attracting long-lasting love, amber is a representation of sensitivity and beauty. You can use it to protect yourself from harmful energy or to summon a twin soul. It has been used in marriage vow renewals and is a beautiful jewel for making promises.

The Green Phantom is revered as a potent attractor of financial success and unexpected opportunities. Money and professional success are two areas where the Green Phantom shines. This peaceful stone aids with the growth of one's spirituality while also providing strength, clarity, and inspiration. Memory, thought, and focus are all boosted by the stone. It also helps to protect the wearer from psychic attacks.

Green Phantom has the ability to cleanse toxins from the body, improve the performance of the pineal and pituitary glands, and rev up the immune system. This peaceful gemstone aids with the growth of one's spirituality while also providing strength, clarity, and inspiration. The Green Phantom stone has been said to improve one's ability to remember, think, and focus.

This earth-based stone aids in gaining insight into oneself and gaining perspective on one's past. In addition to its use as a powerful tool for manifesting one's will, it has a well-deserved reputation as an exceptional aura cleaner. By banishing destructive feelings and ideas, it helps your life's energies flow more smoothly. Additionally, this stone shields the body from radiation damage.

Those who feel trapped in their life but desire to make significant changes or progress can benefit greatly from this stone.

Known to promote joy, health, abundance & generosity. Topaz encourages you to share with others on what you have learnt. It promotes openness and honesty.

It will improve your confidence and decision-making abilities. This is a stone of manifestation and attraction. It is known to reflect the energy of your mind.

Topaz is an excellent protection crystal that will protect you against problems and difficulties. It is a symbol of happiness, hope & friendship.

A stone of success, Topaz will increase your strength, security and motivation. It will provide a stable environment for you when you are starting on a new project. It will increase your charisma and helps to attract new professional connections.

Pink agate is a stone that can help calm negative emotions and replace them with more positive ones. You may find that it aids in the realisation that you're holding onto negative energy that isn't helping you at all.

This stone is sometimes referred to as "The Protector of Children" because to its ability to help parents feel a stronger bond with their children.

The theory is that by removing harmful substances from your system, your immune system will be better prepared to ward off illness.

It is inspirational in revealing talents and attracts fame and unexpected prosperity. Black gold skeletal sunstone is a powerful aid to bring joy and other positive feelings into your life. They have strong solar energy, and they embody within them the warmth, strength, and openness of the sun.

This stone is highly effective in cleansing the aura and chakras, and for removing hooks from possessive loved ones, lovers, or anyone draining your energies. Black gold skeletal sunstone surrounds these hooks with love and positive energy and returns them to the source. 

It’s believed to encourage strength and courage, helping those who wear it feel more confident in themselves and their decisions.

Feminine, gentle yet fiercely protective. Moonstone is one of our crowd’s favourites for it’s beautiful sheen and nurturing energy.

Known to be the stone of new beginnings. Wearing moonstone assist you to balance your emotions and creates an impact on hormone balance. It is believed to assist with easing of pain during menstruation and childbirth.

The stone has been used for protection for travelling at night, overseas, childbirth & pregnancy. In India and middle eastern countries, moonstone is often used as a wedding gift representing eternal love & fertility.

The stone helps to soothe emotional stress and provides calmness. Moonstone also enhances intuition and promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in both love and work matters.

Pearls are believed to provide a calming effect and enhance one's ability to think clearly. Legend has it that pearls can help you control your temper and bring harmony into your life. If you find it difficult to concentrate or have a lot going through your head, try donning a pair of pearls.

As a remedy for overwork-related burnout, peals have been tried and true by many. According to popular belief, pearls can also assist one achieve professional success.

Reportedly, pearls are a lucky charm. According to popular belief, pearl earrings can help you realise your aspirations.