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Acrysty Elements Home - Residential Consultation Visits
Acrysty Elements Home - Residential Consultation Visits

Acrysty Elements Home - Residential Consultation Visits

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Acrysty Elements Home is an extended service and collaboration between Acrysty Co. and Full Sails.

This service allows clients to integrate their MBE in their surroundings their new or existing residential premises. This will allow MBE users to optimize and maximize the potential of their surroundings with their MBE.

A 90-minute consultation with Master Zach at your residential premise will be held to discuss ways of improving your residential Fengshui based on your actual use of the living space.

Depending on the family needs and ambitions, Master Zach may also propose additional Feng Shui interventions to “supercharge” the Fengshui energies, at additional costs to be discussed on premise.  

Residential feng shui is most fundamental to significantly improve the luck of the residential occupants while encouraging harmonious relationships to form.

The service will not be beneficial for Acrysty Co. clients who are only considering incorporating MBE in one particular room.

*Please ensure you have a confirmed schedule with Master Zach before you make the booking for house visits. You will also need to have birth information all members living in the same household before the scheduled appointment date*

What information is required? 
Home Visit 
Please print out 1 copy of your floor plan for Master Zach to carry out the calculation and readings for your residential premise. *Compass readings are not required as Master Zach will be doing an on-site measurement during your home visit*.

MBE reports are inclusive for this selection. Please prepare all the following for Master Zach's visit.

We will require all members living in the same household details:
Birth date (DDMMYYYY)
Time of birth
Country of birth
City of birth

Things to take note off before check-out.
This consultation is only applicable to customers who are looking to consult for their entire house.

The price quoted is based on the number of bedrooms in the house.

The price covers consultation of areas including the living room, kitchen, study room, balcony, toilets, and store room(s), if applicable.

We are not liable to make refunds if any of the above-required items are not fulfilled upon check-out.

Should there be any rescheduling of appointments, please take note that the date and time will be subject to Master Zach's available schedule during weekends.

Appointments must be made through email to before schedule of booking.

Upon successful confirmation with Acrysty Co. customer service team, please proceed to make payment on

***Master Zach reserves the right to reject seeing a client. Should this happen, a full refund would be given.