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Water Element Tumble Set
Water Element Tumble Set

Water Element Tumble Set


Water Element Tumble Set - Apatite, Amazonite, Blue Cherry Agate, Clear Quartz, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline

Every tumble set comes with an Acrysty Co. pouch.
Crystals commonly exhibit natural pockets and lines as part of their inherent characteristics. As natural formations, the color and size of each crystal may vary.

Apatite – Stone of Development 
Wearing Apatite will enhance focus, clarity for concentration, intellect, and creativity. It will increase your motivation and boost your confidence to succeed and achieve your goals. 

Apatite aids in communication and self-expression on all levels.  

Apatite is great for improving the body's absorption of calcium; strengthening bones and teeth, healing the cartilage and bones. It is also believed to decrease appetite. 

Amazonite – Stone of Hope & Courage 
Amazonite is known to be the stone of hope & courage. This stone is recommended if you want something to manifest in your life. The stones encourage you to step out of your comfort zone & to fulfil your dreams and desires. 

Amazonite is great for promoting overall metabolism & sleep.  Stone can help to reduce addictions and is also known to remove electromagnetic smog for frequent electronic users. 

Wearing Amazonite is also known to be the stone of success and good fortune. The stone can help to relieve anger and tension. If you are seeking for good and honest communication, wearing Amazonite will assist you with this journey. 

Blue Cherry Agate – Stone of Relaxation

Blue agate not only helps harmonise your energies but also reduces negative energies, helping you stay relaxed and peaceful. The protection from negative energy is one of the most appealing qualities of agate.

Blue Agate also means smooth communication. It is one of the best gemstones for those who need to communicate with many people in daily life and even for those who want to recover their self-confidence.

Clear Quartz – Stone of Power (The Master Healer) 
Known as the master healer, Clear Quartz helps to amplify energy, thoughts as well as all effects of other crystals that are close by. 

Clear Quartz is often used to cleanse, open, and activate all chakras. The stone is also good at protecting you from taking on the negative energies of those who are keen to do harm to you. 

The stone gives us the gift of empowerment and confidence. 

Black Obsidian – Stone of Protection 
Black obsidian is known as a protection stone, the regal warrior of stones. It has been used since ancient times to ward off darker energies and provide spiritual protection. This potent gemstone works with your body to create an energy shield that helps protect you from negative influences.

Black Tourmaline – Stone of Protection & Grounding 
Black Tourmaline is a protective stone that is very good for clearing negativity, creating an energetic boundary between you and other people so that you don’t pick up their negative energies. It can protect you against accidents, misfortune, sickness, and everything that brings negativity or unhappiness. 

It is also known to help with panic attacks - Rubbing the Black Tourmaline in your hands can make feelings of panic subside. 

Can be used to ease or heal pains associated with intestinal, spinal, or muscular problems. It can also be beneficial when it comes to allergy attacks.