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Wood Element Tumble Set
Wood Element Tumble Set

Wood Element Tumble Set


Wood Element Tumble Set - Green onyx, Unakite, Prehnite, Green Aventurine, Pyrite in Aventurine, Moss Agate

Every tumble set comes with an Acrysty Co. pouch.
Crystals commonly exhibit natural pockets and lines as part of their inherent characteristics. As natural formations, the color and size of each crystal may vary.

Green Onyx – Stone of Willpower & Self-control
Onyx Green is a stone of power. It provides self-confidence, which helps you feel relaxed. Onyx also helps to lead a fulfilling life by banishing grief, enhancing self-control, and fostering sound decision-making.

They are also beneficial for treating ulcers and regulating blood pressure. Besides that, it also aids in treating ailments and disorders that affect the nose, eyes, skin, and abdomen. Onyx is the perfect stone to boost the health of your teeth, bones, and hair as well.

Unakite – Stone of Vision  
Unakite is a stone of vision that opens the third eye and is useful for scrying. It is also believed to be a stone of balance, grounding the self while bringing emotions and spirituality together. 

The Unakite crystal is also known to support the female reproductive system and aid in a healthy pregnancy. It can also bring healing from physical illness, and stimulate the health and growth of the hair and nails.

If you struggle with depression, insomnia or addiction issues then this is absolutely a stone you should have in your life.

Prehnite – Stone of Letting Go 
Prehnite calms the environment and brings peace and protection.

It pushes you to let go of addictions, compulsions, and what does not serve you, clearing the path to a healthy, happy life. It allows you to form healthy habits that will benefit your growth and health.

Prehnite is also very soothing to the mind and can help rid mental clutter and toxic thoughts that cause you to experience negative emotions.

Prehnite heals the kidneys and bladder, thymus gland, shoulders, chest and lungs.  It treats gout and blood disorders. 

Green Aventurine  – Stone of  Luck, Wealth & Health 
Green Aventurine is a great stone that attracts opportunities into your life and increases odds of success. This stone is a must have for those looking for job opportunity/career advancement. 

It enhances one’s creativity and motivation and encourages perseverance in manoeuvring life’s obstacles.

Green Aventurine is particularly supportive of the heart, and is excellent for those with cardiac conditions, circulatory problems, or recovering from surgery or illness. It assists in healing the adrenals, lungs, thymus gland, and nervous system. 

It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, easing skin eruptions, such as acne, eczema, and rosacea, and soothes allergies and migraine headaches. 

Pyrite in Aventurine – Stone of Abundance & Prosperity
Pyrite has a connection to the solar plexus chakra (chakras are strong energy centers within the body) and is used to increase strength, energy, willpower, and confidence. It’s also a wonderful abundance stone, encouraging wealth, prosperity, and success.

Pyrite also serves to release and neutralise any negative energy that has accumulated. Fearful energy that may be blocking success can be discharged by the presence of pyrite.

Aventurine is a stone of prosperity.  It reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. It stabilises one’s state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity.

Aventurine benefits the thymus gland and nervous system.  It balances blood pressure and stimulates the metabolism, lowering cholesterol. The stone has an anti-inflammatory effect and eases skin eruptions, allergies, migraines, and soothes the eyes.

Moss Agate – Stone of New Beginnings 
Moss agate is said to encourage tranquillity and emotional balance. Moss agate is the perfect stone for those who experience strong aggression or overly nurturing emotions, helping to balance male and female energies whenever they become too extreme.

Moss agate is also associated with budding friendships. It's suggested to wear this gemstone when meeting new people to draw them in and foster new relationships.