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Tomi Bag Charm
Tomi Bag Charm

Tomi Bag Charm


Hardware available in 14K GHW.
Each ACD Bag Charm comes with Acrysty Co. film box.

Green phantom – Stone of Wealth & Luck

Great stone for career, it improve career opportunities gives you strength, clarity and inspiration, supports dreams and ambition with perseverance as well as encourage self empowerment. It can also stimulate your memory, thinking process and concentration.

Not only does it regulates your energy flow, eliminating unwanted energies, it is also a protective stone.

Acrysty Co. Care Tips
How to provide care for your 14K, 18K and white gold plated hardware? Wipe down jewellery after worn with silver polishing cloth to remove body oils, dirt and soil. You should also store your bag charms separately in small ziplocks or boxes when you are not using to prevent damage.

Acrysty Co. Orders
All bag charms are made upon request, with an on-demand stock of a limited number.
Please allow up to five business days for the creation of the item you ordered. All crystals are completely natural. Keep in mind that it is something that happens naturally for certain minerals to possess natural lines or imperfections.

Acrysty Co. selects every bead with care and detail. Once an order has been placed, no exchanges or refunds are allowed. We prohibit transactions withdrawals. Please avoid placing an order if you are doubtful.