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Q. What is ACDS?
A. ACDS aka Acrysty Co. Design Services is a design service that we provide to enhance the aesthetic, beauty or length of your newly purchase or existing bracelet.

Q. How does it work?
A. Anyone can utilise our ACDS through offline, live sales or in-store. We charge $40 nett for each bracelet irregardless of bead size or wrist size. If your bracelet is purchase from another shop, ACDS will be charged at $48 nett.

Each bracelet comes with Acrysty Co. tag and 1 complimentary Acrysty Co. bracelet cover per invoice order. If you require more pouches for gifts, you may request via DM or in-store.

Q. What are the hardware options available?
A. Below are the available options.
GHW: 14K and 18K gold plated hardware
SHW: White Gold hardware

Q. Can I add charms to the bracelet?
A. Yes. Charms are $8 per piece. You can choose them in-store or let us decide the charms that is best suited for your bracelet.

Q. What information is required from me?
A. Please provide information of the below:-

Wrist Size (Example, 14cm) Hardware colour (SHW for white gold plated, GHW for 14K or 18K gold plated).

If claims are made through live show purchase, please comment based on the following format:- Bracelet code ACDS 14cm GHW or SHW (Example: 88A ACDS 14cm GHW)

For offline claims, an adminstrator will communicate and clarify with you on the request before we process your order.

For in-store claims, our team members will provide consultation to you on your request and request any relevant information before we process your order. Please expect apprx 3 to 5 working days for your order to be processed after payment is made through online or in-store.

Q. Will you inform us when our bracelet is ready?
A. Yes. Our customer service team will drop you a DM on Instagram or whatsapp if instagram is not your preferred mode of communication. You may then choose to leave your bracelet with us as open box, self-collect or ship out via courier. Any top up for shipping will be communicated to you directly via messages.

Q. Will your hardware tarnish over time?
A. With proper handling and care, our hardware should last you for quite some time. Maintainence is key and we recommend you to remove your bracelets during sports, shower or any forms of water interaction.

Please pat dry your bracelets after wearing them for a day. Have them airdry overnight before placing them in your storage, bracelet holders or ziplocks.

This will extend the longevity of the hardware. You should also avoid spraying perfumes or applying lotions when you are wearing your bracelet.

Q. Can we replace the hardware in future?
A. Yes of course! All hardware can be replaced in-store if you experience tarnishing or if you want to recr8 a new look for your bracelets. Hardware replacement fee will be $40 per bracelet. All bracelets will also be cleansed via singing bowl upon completion of design.

Q. I want a full customised bracelet based on my crystal preference. Can you do it?
A. Yes and No. This is subjected to our inventory of beads that we have at the moment. As every customer has their unique preference, not all crystals will be available at different point of time. Just speak to us in-store or drop us a DM and we will see how to take it from there.