Discover endless charm possibilities with over 800 unique designs! From elegant bracelets to chic necklaces and playful anklets, create your own personalized masterpiece. With our Ancharm customization service, your style knows no bounds. Start designing your perfect piece today!

Acrysty Your Own

Dive into the magic of Acrysty where you're the designer. With AYO, you handpick your favorite beads from our stunning collection, and we bring your vision to life. Our skilled artisans will expertly string together your chosen beads, creating a unique bracelet that's as beautiful as it is meaningful.

Intent Stacker

At Acrysty, we believe in the power of intention and self-expression. With Intent Stacker, you can curate your own unique stacker bracelet by selecting up to 3-7 types of crystals that resonate with your intentions and energy. Whether you're seeking balance, clarity, or positivity, our wide array of crystals offers endless possibilities for creating a stacker bracelet that aligns with your goals and desires.


Bracelet: $44

Shoupai: $68


(in pairs)

Single bead: $10

Double bead: $15

Triple bead: $20

Bag Charm

1 crystal bead: $10

2-3 crystal beads: $15

4-5 crystal beads: $20

6-7 crystal beads: $25

8-9 crystal beads: $30


Single round: $5

Double round: $10

Triple round: $15

Shoupai: $11


Plain / Shoupai

Up to 1.5cm: $17 / $28

2 to 2.5cm: $22 / $33

3 to 3.5cm: $28 / $38

Upsize + Clasp

Up to 1.5cm: $28

2 to 2.5cm: $33

3 to 3.5cm: $38


Charms add-on: $8/pc

Crystal bead to charm conversion: $8

Hardware replacement: $38
Charm attachment to customer's chain: $1

Safety chain add-on (to existing magnetic clasp only): $5