ALEI - #17 Necklace/Double-Round Bracelet

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Tanzanite – Stone of Clairvoyance

Tanzanite is a stone that can help you tap into your inner power. Calmness and a sense of cleansing are two benefits you might expect from this practice.

In addition to calming your nerves, this stone can assist you overcome any anxieties you may have regarding romantic relationships.

The energy of tanzanite is associated with prosperity and plenty. With its help, you'll be showered with good fortune and be able to accomplish all your goals with ease!

Tsavorite – Stone of Abundance & Emotional Healing

A unique green type of garnet that is known to be a great manifestation stone that helps you to manifest what you desire. A great stone to enhance psychic communication and growth of intuition.

This is a powerful stone to stimulate the growth of wealth & abundance in many areas of your life. A strong stone to boost both abundance & prosperity especially related to monetary matters.

The stone will boost your wealth while amplifying the loving energies of your relationship.

Ruby – Stone of Passion

As a stone representing prosperity, it helps couples keep the love and money that they've worked so hard to build. Ruby encourages leaders to be active and productive. It's helpful for getting problems out into the open, where they can be addressed effectively.

Ruby will clear the way for you to safely blaze a trail, even though it will increase your readiness to take chances and you may worry that you will become irresponsible. The ruby's reputation as a protecting stone for travelers extends to their minds, hearts, and souls.

Ruby is highly charged with passion and energy. It's a social stone that seems to bring about sex. It's useful for combating fatigue, apathy, and lethargy, and it helps tame hyperactivity, too.

Some of your fears can be allayed with the help of Ruby stones, while others can be greatly reduced if you have the courage to face them head-on. If you apply this principle to amassing wealth, you'll find that taking calculated risks pays off and that having faith in your own abilities helps you achieve even greater financial success.

Blue Sapphire – Stone of Commitment

It is widely held that wearing a sapphire helps one concentrate, relax, and let go of negative emotions like anxiety and depression. It's a precious stone with spiritual, intellectual, and karmic significance, and it serves as a reminder to trust one's own inner compass.

It is an excellent gem to keep on hand for individuals who seek to bring more truth, clarity, consciousness, and bravery into their lives because of its reputation for wisdom and wonder and its ability to assist the mind remain quiet and focused.

Sapphire has traditionally been utilised as a shield against the heavy pull of negative energy and poisonous or toxic forces on the heart and soul.

In addition to reducing fevers, sapphire can alleviate pain from conditions like headaches and migraines, blurred vision, inner ear disorders, vertigo, and balance issues.

Apatite – Stone of Development

Wearing apatite will enhance focus, clarity for concentration, intellect, and creativity. It will increase your motivation and boost your confidence to succeed and achieve your goals.

Aids in communication and self-expression on all levels.

Apatite is great for improving the body's absorption of calcium; strengthening bones and teeth, healing the cartilage and bones. It is also believed to decrease appetite.

Heliodor – Stone of Leadership & Confidence

With heliodor, you may expect to feel empowered, confident, and have crystal-clear thoughts. It helps one feel better about themselves, have more self-control, and see their dreams come true. Many people find that heliodor helps them focus their minds and make better decisions while they meditate by enhancing their creative abilities and elevating their higher mental capabilities.

In addition to uplifting spirits and a more optimistic view on life, heliodor gives happiness, optimism, and serenity to the wearer. It is believed that its sunny, optimistic energy can raise the spirits and improve general health.

Freshwater Pearl

Pearls are believed to provide a calming effect and enhance one's ability to think clearly. Legend has it that pearls can help you control your temper and bring harmony into your life. If you find it difficult to concentrate or have a lot going through your head, try donning a pair of pearls.

As a remedy for overwork-related burnout, peals have been tried and true by many. According to popular belief, pearls can also assist one achieve professional success.

Reportedly, pearls are a lucky charm. According to popular belief, pearl earrings can help you realize your aspirations.

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Product information

Size ; Double Round Wrist Size / Neck Width / Length incl. Extender

Size 1 ; 13cm / 33cm / 36cm

Size 2 ; 13.5-14.5cm / 35cm / 38cm

Size 3 ; 15-16cm / 39.5cm / 42.5cm

Size 4 ; 16.5-17.5cm / 42.5cm / 45.5cm

Size 5 ; 18-19cm / 46cm / 49cm