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White Conch – Stone of Luck & Opportunities

This is an excellent stone to enhance talents and skills, stimulate inspiration and creativity. It is useful when you want to broaden your horizons and increase chance of success (helps you attract many opportunities).

It has the effect of purifying negative energy, turning it positive, hence often used for turning point of luck.

Beautiful conch shells are known to be beneficial for diseases associated with the lung such as bronchitis, asthma, and tuberculosis. It is known to heal the urinary system, heart, kidneys, and liver.

Pink Sapphire – Stone of Love & Balance

Pink sapphires are often seen as symbols of adoration, fidelity, compassion, innocence, and grace. Pink sapphire rings are a popular choice for couples looking to symbolize their love for one another.

Pink sapphire is said to bring success in one's career, prosperity in one's personal life, love and devotion in one's relationships and the restoration of a damaged aura.

It is believed that this stone can boost one's intuition and creativity, allowing them to more easily accomplish their objectives and dreams. In addition to offering its wearer good fortune and success, it also aids in emotional balance and harmony.

Freshwater Pearl

Pearls are believed to provide a calming effect and enhance one's ability to think clearly. Legend has it that pearls can help you control your temper and bring harmony into your life. If you find it difficult to concentrate or have a lot going through your head, try donning a pair of pearls.

As a remedy for overwork-related burnout, peals have been tried and true by many. According to popular belief, pearls can also assist one achieve professional success.

Reportedly, pearls are a lucky charm. According to popular belief, pearl earrings can help you realise your aspirations.

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