Birthstone June - Alexandrite Bracelet

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Those who already have too much self-control can benefit greatly from the use of alexandrite. You'll be reminded of how important it is to have a lot of positive experiences and to be surrounded by people who love and appreciate you.

Alexandrite is a stone of hope and encouragement when you've struck rock bottom and feel like giving up. The power of Alexandrite will fortify you and lead you down the road to joy, success, and illumination. It also contains a strong protecting charm that will shield you from harm and keep you unaffected by outside forces.

This is the stone of good fortune, long life, and happiness. Confidence and pride in oneself are also represented by the Alexandrite gemstone. You'll feel more assured and hopeful about the future as a result.

Each piece of Acrysty Co.'s new Birthstone semi-fine jewelry features the corresponding birthstone set in 14K gold vermeil and S925 sterling silver vermeil.

Our birthstone jewelry is plated in gold and silver using a technique called vermeil, which doubles the plating's durability so that it can be worn every day for at least six to nine months.

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