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Neko Bag Charm
Neko Bag Charm

Neko Bag Charm


Hardware available in 14K GHW.
Each ACD Bag Charm comes with Acrysty Co. film box.

Rose Quartz - Stone of Universal Love
One of our founder's favourite stone of all time. Rose Quartz is known to improve relationships with all walks of life around you. It helps you to attract wonderful working relationship with co-workers, customers, friends and loved ones. Known to be the stone of love, tenderness, and sensuality.

Rose Quartz is a calming and reassuring crystal that reminds you that you are never alone. It is excellent to soothe grief and helps to strengthen the love for yourself whenever you require that additional support. In workplace, rose quartz can help to provide support against gossip and it’s a wonderful crystal to aid in attracting soulmates, friends, and partners.

Most importantly, Rose Quartz encourage you to love yourself more. You will then be able to give and receive more love from others once you master truly accepting & loving yourself. Wearing Rose Quartz can also help you to make good decisions to create a happy & prosperous future. Assisting you with your successful journey and your desire to be wealthy & happy!

Citrine – Stone of Wealth & Happiness (The Merchant's Stone)
Our founder’s favourite crystal in the world – Citrine. This is must-have stone for everyone who is manifesting and believes in positivity.

Citrine can be used to fill up your life with positivity as it symbolises joy, abundance & wealth. It is known to increase the flow of money-based energy from one hand to another.

The stone represents spiritual joy as it spreads positive and energetic energy into your life. Citrine is said to attract negative energies and transmute them into positive and joyful ones.

If you are looking for confidence and perhaps creative inspirations, Citrine helps with clear-mindedness and gives you an instant boost of energy to purse your goals.

Lemon quartz - Stone of Focus
Lemon quartz can enhance your mental power and strengthen your will. It is said to help structure, focus and amplify thoughts and information, filter out distractions, aid concentration and open memory.

Great stone to uplift your spirit and emotions, encouraging feelings of well-being and optimisim. They have cleansing energy and vibrations that help decease negativity and bring positivity and hope into your life.

Acrysty Co. Care Tips
How to provide care for your 14K, 18K and white gold plated hardware? Wipe down jewellery after worn with silver polishing cloth to remove body oils, dirt and soil. You should also store your bag charms separately in small ziplocks or boxes when you are not using to prevent damage.

Acrysty Co. Orders
All bag charms are made upon request, with an on-demand stock of a limited number.
Please allow up to five business days for the creation of the item you ordered. All crystals are completely natural. Keep in mind that it is something that happens naturally for certain minerals to possess natural lines or imperfections.

Acrysty Co. selects every bead with care and detail. Once an order has been placed, no exchanges or refunds are allowed. We prohibit transactions withdrawals. Please avoid placing an order if you are doubtful.