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D' Princess - Pocahontas Bracelet

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Hardware color: SHW S925

Collector's Whisky Citrine – Stone of Abundance & Protection

Whisky Citrine can enhance your mental power and strengthen your will. It is said to help structure, focus and amplify thoughts and information, filter out distractions, aid concentration and open memory.

Great stone to uplift your spirit and emotions, encouraging feelings of well-being and optimism. They have cleansing energy and vibrations that help decease negativity and bring positivity and hope into your life.

Black Gold Super 7 – Stone of Protection & Wealth

Improve analyzing skill, increase concentration, boost mental clarity and may aid decision making, helping you to find the right solution to the problem you are working on solving.

They are highly beneficial crystals for you to use to aid you to manifest what you desire into your life and attract good chances and luck, especially in businesses.

Great stone to remove negative energy and bring in positive ones.

Black Gold Skeletal Sunstone – Stone of Positivity

Frequent wearing of this stone can help people stimulate inspiration. It is a great talisman and amulet against negative people, environment and ill thoughts.

It can also improve concentration, boost confidence, increase positive energy within and help to clear negative emotions.

For those who are looking for career progression, the golden sheen symbolizes abundance and prosperity.

Golden Rutile – Stone of Renewal

Golden rutile is beneficial for purifying and energising your body, mind, and soul. It also helps to remove obstacles to spiritual progress and filter harmful energies. It also aids in shielding you from harm and difficulties.

It's also supposed to help halt the effects of ageing and hasten the healing of any wounds. The stone eases transitions and aids in releasing phobias, anxiety, and self-constrictions.

Golden rutile can assist you in visualising prosperity and money, along with all the other positive things you wish to come into your life.


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