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Earth Elements - #11 Bracelet

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Golden Tiger's Eye – Stone of Vitality

Golden tiger's eye is a stone of empowerment and insight. Users will be able to cut ties with those who are a drain on their positive energy and focus instead on cultivating relationships with those who enrich their lives.

Stones made of gold tiger's eye have been used to alleviate stress and lessen emotions of loneliness and inadequacy. Gold Tiger's Eye is a balanced stone that helps boost one's sense of self-worth and confidence, making them less prone to feeling envious of others. In the midst of turmoil, Gold Tiger's Eye can be used to regain equilibrium.

Good fortune and financial success are also enhanced by this stone.

Golden Skeletal Sunstone – Stone of Positivity

Frequent wearing of this stone can help people stimulate inspiration. It is a great talisman and amulet against negative people, environment and ill thoughts.

It can also improve concentration, boost confidence, increase positive energy within and help to clear negative emotions.

For those who are looking for career progression, the golden sheen symbolizes abundance and prosperity.

Andesine Labradorite – Stone of Healing

The strong power of andesine labradorite can assist those who suffer from poor self-esteem to feel better about themselves and increase their confidence levels. Additionally, it can assist you in generating fresh suggestions for enhancements.

This stone's ability to eliminate negative energy is one of its primary advantages. A happy outlook and boundless energy can be yours with this. Relaxation is another benefit.

Assisting with overall healing, andesine labradorite is a powerful tool. This stone might be helpful if you're feeling overwhelmed or unbalanced.

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