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Everlasting 爱.Ai - #10 Bracelet

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Rhodonite – Stone of Love & Light

If you require confidence & optimism especially when you are making big decisions about your relationships, career or personal life – Rhodonite will be your best friend.

Paired with both Sakura and deep pink Rhodonite, we have covered you to assist you with being fearless and passionate about what you love. The softer shade of rhodonite assist you with harmony, peace & personal healing. Whereas the deep pink version helps with to overcome problems with that fearless and passionate attitude.

A great stone to have as part of your collection for protection, joy, happiness, love & balance.

Clear Quartz – Stone of Power (The Master Healer)

For its ability to magnify the power of other crystals, this "master healer" is often referred to by that name. The stone absorbs any radiation or other harmful energy present and helps to cancel it out. Both petrochemical emissions and electromagnetic pollution fall into this category.

It has the power to restore you on all levels—mental, physical, and spiritual—making it a potent healer. The stone purifies the spirit, which in turn increases one's psychic powers, ability to focus, and memory. The crystal restores equilibrium by calming the nervous system, balancing the chakras, and centering the spirit.

Clear Quartz has the ability to absorb negative energy and transform it into a more positive form.

While meditating or visualizing, you can hold a piece of Clear Quartz in your palm and imagine its purifying powers at work, or you can lay a piece of Clear Quartz on each chakra point.

When dealing with difficult emotions, clearing your mind with the help of Clear Quartz can help you heal faster. If you're feeling emotionally unbalanced, try meditating with a piece of Clear Quartz on your Heart Chakra.

Cherry Agate – Stone of Calmness

When you want to cultivate all of your dreams, cherry agate is an excellent crystal to use.

When you begin small and work your way up, you'll soon find that your confidence has grown, and that once-dreamed-of concept has flowered into a fully realised reality.

The bond between parents and children can be strengthened—or perhaps nurtured—with the help of this wonderful stone. By owning this stone, you can be more methodical and exacting, increasing the likelihood that your plans will come to fruition.

Rose Quartz – Stone of Universal Love

One of our founder's favourite stone of all time. Rose Quartz is known to improve relationships with all walks of life around you. It helps you to attract wonderful working relationship with co-workers, customers, friends and loved ones.

Known to be the stone of love, tenderness, and sensuality. Rose Quartz is a calming and reassuring crystal that reminds you that you are never alone. It is excellent to soothe grief and helps to strengthen the love for yourself whenever you require that additional support.

In workplace, rose quartz can help to provide support against gossip and it’s a wonderful crystal to aid in attracting soulmates, friends, and partners.

Most importantly, Rose Quartz encourage you to love yourself more. You will then be able to give and receive more love from others once you master truly accepting and loving yourself.

Wearing Rose Quartz can also help you to make good decisions to create a happy & prosperous future. Assisting you with your successful journey and your desire to be wealthy and happy!

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