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Fall/Winter - #57 Bracelet

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Hardware color: GHW 14K gold-plated

Collector's Cat Eye Aquamarine – Stone of Peace & Communication

If you want to solve problems more efficiently and successfully, try using some aquamarine. It will improve your capacity for logical thought, making it easier to solve difficult problems.

If you tend to put off taking care of your financial matters, an aquamarine stone can help you get motivated to do so. You'll feel renewed strength and resolve as a result.

This stone will enhance your charisma, making you more convincing in your arguments and increasing the likelihood that you will be promoted or otherwise recognized at work.

Pregnant women are often advised to wear aquamarine because of the stone's reputation for providing protection to both mother and child. It can also shield developing babies and stop unwanted pregnancies.

An emotional release is provided by aquamarine. If you're having trouble moving past past emotional hurdles, this stone will help. You'll figure out how to forgive yourself and others for past wrongs.

It will purge your life of any negative energy and fortify your present so that you can look forward to a bright future.

Herkimer Diamond – Stone of Harmony

The healing abilities of Herkimer Diamond can assist with matters of the body, mind, and soul. Physical and mental health problems alike can find relief through its curative properties.

This stone promotes the idea of starting again in this life by releasing repressed emotions and fears from the body and mind and opening the channels for greater relaxation and development of life force energy.

Hypersthene – Stone of Enlightenment

A wonderful stone for those who are particularly stressed out by work or other factors. Meditate with Hypersthene to help rejuvenate energy levels and bring down anxiety.

If you're stuck at a crossroads in life, this stone is useful in guiding a person to the right solution to a problem, the stone also aids with a person’s journey to achieving success.

Believed to be a very lucky stone when it comes to gambling and a particularly powerful protective talisman.

Devil Black Rutile – Stone of Positivity

The black devil rutile clears your mind of harmful ideas and dreadful energies. It then departs, leaving love and light in its wake to promote recovery and development.

The crystal, more significantly, unleashes your potential! Learn new things about yourself and realize your own potential. Its therapeutic qualities encourage maturation and self-growth as you face life's obstacles.

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