Gradient Heart - Sunset Bracelet

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Citrine – Stone of Wealth & Happiness (The Merchant's Stone)

Our founder’s favorite crystal in the world – Citrine. This is must-have stone for everyone who is manifesting and believes in positivity. Citrine can be used to fill up your life with positivity as it symbolizes joy, abundance & wealth.

It is known to increase the flow of money-based energy from one hand to another. The stone represents spiritual joy as it spreads positive and energetic energy into your life. Citrine is said to attract negative energies and transmute them into positive and joyful ones.

If you are looking for confidence and perhaps creative inspirations, Citrine helps with clear-mindedness and gives you an instant boost of energy to pursue your goals.

Andesine Labradorite – Stone of Healing

The strong power of andesine labradorite can assist those who suffer from poor self-esteem to feel better about themselves and increase their confidence levels. Additionally, it can assist you in generating fresh suggestions for enhancements.

This stone's ability to eliminate negative energy is one of its primary advantages. A happy outlook and boundless energy can be yours with this. Relaxation is another benefit.

Assisting with overall healing, andesine labradorite is a powerful tool. This stone might be helpful if you're feeling overwhelmed or unbalanced.

Peach Moonstone – Stone of Optimism

Peach Moonstone is a stone of hope and optimism, bringing a sense of joy and happiness into your life, help you see the positive aspects of any situation and maintain a hopeful outlook even in the darkest of times.

Known for promoting inner peace and calmness, it can help you find emotional balance and stability, help reduce stress and anxiety, especially during times of stress.

It can help you let go of old emotional wounds and negative thinking patterns and embrace change.

If you have difficulty sleeping, try wearing this to sleep for better sleep quality and relieve insomnia!

Yan Yuan Agate – Stone of Focus

Beautiful stone which has a large range of colours. It can increase the confidence you have in yourself, creating an environment in which you can attain your aspirations.

It has excellent effects on regulating nerves, enhancing memory, improving sleep, and maintaining vigorous energy. Enhances the capabilities of the mind and clears your consciousness of all frustrations and distractions, allowing you to think clearly and enhance attentiveness.

Yan Yuan Agate can eliminate physical fatigue, lower blood pressure, protect the heart and spleen.

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