Gradient Heart - Sweet Bracelet

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Pink Topaz – Stone of Self-Love

The qualities of self-awareness, self-assurance, forgiveness, and acceptance are fostered by this stone.

If you wear a pink topaz stone, it will enhance your passion and make you want to engage in more intimate activities with your partner. There are claims that it can boost fertility as well.

A pink topaz is a wonderful token of your affection that will have a favourable impact on the receiver.

Sakura Rhodonite – Stone of Love & Light

If you require confidence & optimism especially when you are making big decisions about your relationships, career or personal life – Rhodonite will be your best friend.

Paired with both Sakura and deep pink Rhodonite, we have covered you to assist you with being fearless and passionate about what you love. The softer shade of rhodonite assist you with harmony, peace & personal healing. Whereas the deep pink version helps with to overcome problems with that fearless and passionate attitude.

A great stone to have as part of your collection for protection, joy, happiness, love & balance.

Pink Tourmaline – Stone of Self-Expression

Pink Tourmaline is reported to offer an emotional calming and soothing impact, aiding in the relief of anxiety, tension, and despair. It is also thought to boost self-esteem and love, making it a popular choice for individuals looking to find their emotional center.

The gemstone can aid to boost the wearer's self-worth and capacity to express oneself successfully by promoting positive and caring energies. It is supposed to improve job efficiency, replenish energy, and offer professional success, as well as financial advantages and pride.

Pink Tourmaline is linked to spiritual development and self-discovery, and it is claimed to help remove negative energy and enhance overall well-being. The gemstone can also aid to provide balance to the mind, body, and spirit by fostering inner calm and tranquility.

Heated Star Ruby – Stone of Passion

As a stone representing prosperity, it helps couples keep the love and money that they've worked so hard to build. Ruby encourages leaders to be active and productive. It's helpful for getting problems out into the open, where they can be addressed effectively.

Ruby will clear the way for you to safely blaze a trail, even though it will increase your readiness to take chances and you may worry that you will become irresponsible. The ruby's reputation as a protecting stone for travelers extends to their minds, hearts, and souls.

Ruby is highly charged with passion and energy. It's a social stone that seems to bring about sex. It's useful for combating fatigue, apathy, and lethargy, and it helps tame hyperactivity, too.

Some of your fears can be allayed with the help of Ruby stones, while others can be greatly reduced if you have the courage to face them head-on. If you apply this principle to amassing wealth, you'll find that taking calculated risks pays off and that having faith in your own abilities helps you achieve even greater financial success.

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