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Kimono - #01 Bracelet

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Available in GHW 14K gold-plated & SHW S925

Libyan Desert Glass – Stone of Protection

You can protect yourself from harmful psychic energy with the help of Libyan Desert Glass Crystal.

These gems are powerful energy shields that can help you stand firm by preventing others from draining your vitality.

With their strong energy to promote manifestation and their activity to strengthen your will-power, these crystals are great money magnets.

Iolite – Stone of Clairvoyance

Iolite is all about digging deep into your own psyche to unearth your inner strength and wisdom, giving you the confidence to face your concerns head-on. Free from the judgements of others, it allows you to share what makes you unique.

As we learn to control our own lives and make our own decisions, Iolite offers you the strength and confidence to strike out on your own. It teaches us to keep a level head in the face of adversity and to see the bright side of things.

Iolite is a great meditation aid since it helps quiet the mind. It's a wonderful stone to have around the house because of the positive, calming, and harmonious vibrations it emits. People who want more authority, self-assurance, and power can benefit from carrying this stone.

Wearing Iolite has been shown to increase the quantity and quality of sleep in people who have difficulties sleeping. A more peaceful and optimistic frame of mind is the result.

Green Rutile – Stone of Forgiveness

Green rutile encourages letting go of the past and forgiving others on all levels by dissipating bad energy and removing obstacles to spiritual growth. It helps you get back to basics so you can investigate what led to the outcomes you're seeing now.

Green rutile helps you get to the bottom of things and make meaningful changes in your life.

The stone is useful for alleviating anxiety, phobias, and other forms of dread, as it loosens restrictions and fights against feelings of self-hatred.

Golden Rutile – Stone of Renewal

Golden rutile is beneficial for purifying and energising your body, mind, and soul. It also helps to remove obstacles to spiritual progress and filter harmful energies. It also aids in shielding you from harm and difficulties.

It's also supposed to help halt the effects of ageing and hasten the healing of any wounds. The stone eases transitions and aids in releasing phobias, anxiety, and self-constrictions.

Golden rutile can assist you in visualising prosperity and money, along with all the other positive things you wish to come into your life.

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