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Petite Guardians - #06 Bracelet

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Available in GHW 14K gold-plated & SHW S925

Green Tourmaline – Stone of Healing

Green tourmaline is a potent healing stone that also stimulates a heartfelt desire to help others. The energy environment around the heart is stabilized and brought into harmony as a result. It will aid in the reduction of tension and the introduction of tranquility into your life.

Green tourmaline is also said to bring about financial prosperity. Green tourmaline attracts wealth and good fortune. It has the added benefit of warding against bad luck.

It encourages caring, gentleness, and patience and fosters a feeling of community. With the help of green tourmaline, you can enjoy life without feeling bad about it. This stone will help you conquer your emotional troubles.

Nephrite Jade – Stone of Purity

The therapeutic properties of nephrite jade are well-documented. Its restorative qualities can hasten recovery or improve health in general. If you want to make your friendships stronger, this is the stone for you. Strengthen your relationships and let go of resentment.

Wearing a piece of nephrite jade will grant its owner health, prosperity, and protection. It's a stone of plenty that can enhance your life in general and your financial situation in particular. A popular good luck talisman, this stone can facilitate the effortless and abundant flow of good fortune into your life.

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