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The Garden Of Time - Charlene #02 Bracelet

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Available in GHW 14K gold-plated & SHW S925 

Lavender Rose Quartz – Stone of Universal Love

One of our founder's favourite stone of all time. Rose Quartz is known to improve relationships with all walks of life around you. It helps you to attract wonderful working relationship with co-workers, customers, friends and loved ones.

Known to be the stone of love, tenderness, and sensuality. Rose Quartz is a calming and reassuring crystal that reminds you that you are never alone. It is excellent to soothe grief and helps to strengthen the love for yourself whenever you require that additional support.

In workplace, rose quartz can help to provide support against gossip and it’s a wonderful crystal to aid in attracting soulmates, friends, and partners.

Most importantly, Rose Quartz encourage you to love yourself more. You will then be able to give and receive more love from others once you master truly accepting and loving yourself.

Wearing Rose Quartz can also help you to make good decisions to create a happy & prosperous future. Assisting you with your successful journey and your desire to be wealthy and happy!

Magenta Fluorite – Stone of Peace & Love

Magenta Fluorite has a strong focus on the heart and a point the third eye as well. It is a crystal of forgiveness, for both oneself and others. It gently brings pent up resentment and anger to the surface to be dealt with, in a loving and positively transformational way. It helps one to remove self imposed blocks in addition to boosting confidence and self esteem.

Magenta fluorite is said to be the picture of peace. Connecting with the crown chakra, this stone promotes spiritual awakening and represents protection and love in your life.

Green Rutile – Stone of Forgiveness

Green rutile encourages letting go of the past and forgiving others on all levels by dissipating bad energy and removing obstacles to spiritual growth. It helps you get back to basics so you can investigate what led to the outcomes you're seeing now.

Green rutile helps you get to the bottom of things and make meaningful changes in your life.

The stone is useful for alleviating anxiety, phobias, and other forms of dread, as it loosens restrictions and fights against feelings of self-hatred.

Jadeite – Stone of Luck & Harmony

Believed to bring in good luck, abundance, friendship, peace, and harmony. It is also a protective stone that wards off the negative energies that surround you.

Green Jade is a stone that will help you in the manifestation of your dreams into reality. It’s considered a very lucky gemstone, usually bringing the peace and harmony in tense or conflicted situations.

When dealing with difficult emotions, clearing your mind with the help of Clear Quartz can help you heal faster. If you're feeling emotionally unbalanced, try meditating with a piece of Clear Quartz on your Heart Chakra.

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