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The Garden Of Time - Kendall #01 Bracelet

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Available in GHW 14K gold-plated & SHW S925 

Black Gold Super 7 – Stone of Focus

For those going through emotional tough times, Super 7 is a wonderful stone to wear because of its reputation for helping mend shattered hearts. Super 7 can help speed up the healing process after a painful event, breakup, or loss.

By clearing your mind of distractions, Super 7 makes it possible to see clearly. If you're having trouble concentrating or staying on target, this gem can help.

Skeletal Sunstone – Stone of Positivity

Frequent wearing of this stone can help people stimulate inspiration. It is a great talisman and amulet against negative people, environment and ill thoughts.

It can also improve concentration, boost confidence, increase positive energy within and help to clear negative emotions.

For those who are looking for career progression, the golden sheen symbolizes abundance and prosperity.

Black Rutile – Stone of Healing

Black rutilated quartz and similar stones are becoming increasingly popular as discussions about mental health gain prominence in modern society.

You can use it to reflect on your life and come to terms with the things you can't alter. You are even encouraged to take stock of your life and make your own decisions by the crystal's energy.

Smoky Quartz – Stone of Grounding & Protection

Smoky quartz can effectively banish all negative energies like spirits and toxic people. It is one of the most popular stones due to it being highly meditative and helps you to stay grounded.

Smoky quartz is able to offer emotional intelligence and guidance, so you do not act rashly when making minute or important decisions. It supports you by reminding you to take your time, offering clarity, wisdom & insights.

Smoky quartz will help you to adjust to new working environments and it's a great crystal to have when it comes to workplace toxicity.

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