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The Garden Of Time - Mona #01 Bracelet

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Rabbit Hair Rutile – Stone of Youthfulness

The stone known as rabbit hair is said to encourage a lighthearted approach to living. It is supposed to boost creativity and inspiration, and support emotional recovery. Wearers of this stone feel more carefree and playful.

The stone is known to bring financial success.

Rabbit hair is also worn as a shield against evil spirits, envy, hatred, and other unpleasant emotions.

The use of rabbit hair stone has been shown to reduce feelings of tension and worry and increase general well-being. It is a very stimulating crystal, increasing vigor and combating exhaustion.

Citrine – Stone of Wealth & Happiness (The Merchant's Stone)

Our founder’s favorite crystal in the world – Citrine. This is must-have stone for everyone who is manifesting and believes in positivity. Citrine can be used to fill up your life with positivity as it symbolizes joy, abundance & wealth.

It is known to increase the flow of money-based energy from one hand to another. The stone represents spiritual joy as it spreads positive and energetic energy into your life. Citrine is said to attract negative energies and transmute them into positive and joyful ones.

If you are looking for confidence and perhaps creative inspirations, Citrine helps with clear-mindedness and gives you an instant boost of energy to pursue your goals.

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