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The birth of Acrysty Co. Shares!

The birth of Acrysty Co. Shares!

Hello there!

My name is Charlene, and I am the founder of Acrysty Co.
You may have arrived on this page via visiting our Instagram page, being suggested by a family member or friend, or searching for crystals in Singapore.

This is my first official ACS (Acrysty Co. Shares) post, and I'm excited to use this platform to share my crystal experience and knowledge with the Singapore crystal community.

So I just got home from our weekly Instagram live sales event. During the live sale's introduction, I described my earlier-in-the-day crystal experience. And I began to think to myself:

"Wouldn't it be nice if this was documented for people who couldn't hear from the live sale?" This channel, at the very least, provides an alternative for folks who can read, right?"

So, at 4 a.m., I decided to log on to our website and create a space for crystal experiences & future knowledge sharing space that can be available 24/7.

And since we're here, I'll tell you about what happened in the last few days that led to my most recent experience with crystals.

I caught a flu bug on August 13, 2023, and was unable to return to the studio until yesterday (17 August 2023). My calf and thigh had been experiencing excruciating pain. With Google as my best friend, I decided to make a fast search, and the results indicated that it could have been related to the creation of white blood cells in my body in order to combat infections produced by bacteria, resulting in inflammation in my body - explaining achy muscles.

My flu virus was no longer present, I was able to return to work today. However, I was still experiencing achy pain and I considered wearing crystal bracelets that could help with pain relief because I had pain alleviation when I wore Garnet whenever I experienced bad period cramps.

So I went to my best friend Google for assistance in searching for crystals for pain relief. I decided to pick out my black tourmaline and smoky quartz bracelets, which were said to help with arthritis and lower body pain.

I headed out and the next thing I recalled, the soreness in my calfs and thighs vanished. So if you are like me, have a ton of crystal bracelets and are may experiencing some type of discomfort and require some pain relief, try speaking to Google see what are the potential crystals in your current collection may benefit you.

Till our next post, where we talk about more about crystals. <3 

***Always speak with a qualified medical professional before attempting any alternative healing procedures.***

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