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How did Acrysty Elements started?

There’s usually great interest in what Feng Shui is about, but what is accessible to many people is very general advice that may only work for some. If you apply everything you read from books or from YouTube videos, you’ll basically find that the effect is not very strong for you or that there’s no effect that you can see.

As a young child, I had the privilege of exploring crystals, as my father used to collect them. To this day, I have always wondered why did he started collecting crystals and what was his purpose of collecting them.

Perhaps due to my character and nature, friends and family members will consult me whenever they face issues in their lives. And I recall how I'd always get them to go to Rochor Road to randomly walk into a crystal shop and check out if there was anything that could assist them in preventing misfortunes from happening. Surprisingly, many of them manage to get their negative obstacles resolved.

In 2020, during the circuit breaker period, I had a rough time juggling my emotions, and perhaps due to the lockdown, communication became low and many things were uncertain. My memory of directing people to Rochor Road guided me to Google to see if there were any crystals that could make me feel loved and confident again. And that was how Acrysty Co. (formerly known as Crysty Crystals) started.

Like crystals, every bazi chart is special and unique. The initial goal of Acrysty Elements was to create special Elements crystal bracelets and to provide knowledge for each unique individuals based on their unique bazi and birth charts. Time is an essence that cannot be purchased. I advocate a lot for one to not take unnecessary routes; like the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. 

Knowing Master Zach has improved my knowledge & overall luck, health & most importantly wealth. I believe fate has allowed both Master Zach and Acrysty Co. to establish a partnership on our platform to provide professional feng shui and bazi element advice for anyone who shares the same thoughts as us.

Whether you are a salaried worker hoping to make a career move, a homemaker, or even a businessman, understanding what is your Most Beneficial Elements (MBE) would greatly improve your life, luck, health & relationships.

Good luck, 
Founder of Acrysty Co.