Blessings - 财源广进 Bracelet

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Available in GHW 14K gold-plated & SHW S925 

Collector's Nephrite Jade – Stone of Purity

The therapeutic properties of nephrite jade are well-documented. Its restorative qualities can hasten recovery or improve health in general. If you want to make your friendships stronger, this is the stone for you. Strengthen your relationships and let go of resentment.

Wearing a piece of nephrite jade will grant its owner health, prosperity, and protection. It's a stone of plenty that can enhance your life in general and your financial situation in particular. A popular good luck talisman, this stone can facilitate the effortless and abundant flow of good fortune into your life.

Titanium Rutile – Stone of Protection

A lot of people believe that these crystals might help you evolve spiritually. The belief is that they can aid in the exploration of one's spirituality, the development of one's spiritual awareness, and the promotion of one's own personal growth and discovery.

Titanium rutile crystals are thought to ward off psychic attacks and bad energy. Additionally, they are said to aid with grounding and stability while strengthening the aura.

Citrine – Stone of Wealth & Happiness (The Merchant's Stone)

Our founder’s favorite crystal in the world – Citrine. This is must-have stone for everyone who is manifesting and believes in positivity. Citrine can be used to fill up your life with positivity as it symbolizes joy, abundance & wealth.

It is known to increase the flow of money-based energy from one hand to another. The stone represents spiritual joy as it spreads positive and energetic energy into your life. Citrine is said to attract negative energies and transmute them into positive and joyful ones.

If you are looking for confidence and perhaps creative inspirations, Citrine helps with clear-mindedness and gives you an instant boost of energy to pursue your goals.

Phantom Quartz – Stone of Guidance

When you use phantom stones, they will dispel any negativity in your mind that is blocking the good energy from flowing into your life. You will be bestowed with motivation, clarity, and power by the healing qualities of this crystal. Additionally, it will provide you guidance and understanding.

You can heal from the past and expand your soul with the aid of this stone.

In addition to effortlessly attracting good fortune and wealth, you will experience an abundance of the former.

Garden Quartz – Stone of Healing

Users and the individuals they try to help can both benefit from the healing and calming effects of meditating on Garden Quartz. During times of crisis, the positive energy it brings makes it easier to adapt to new circumstances.

Garden quartz enhances the healing of the entire body by connecting with the user's highest spiritual intentions. It promotes healing by bringing the person's mental, spiritual, and bodily states into harmony with one another.

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