Tarot Reading Service

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Each booking is for ONE pax only.

This is a reading done by Chasing Aura.
For international customers, the reading will be done via Zoom.

How does it work?
Every reader has their own style of reading, so there is no comparing one reader to the next. For me, I shuffle and pick cards based on my intuition. For interpretation, I use the base meaning of the cards, then provide any further insights that come to me. I also often use Oracle decks to clarify or confirm messages.

Can I book a slot for basic, package, or fixed spreads?
You will be charged according to the time-based pricings. For example, if you manage to ask 3 questions within 30 minutes, you will be charged the 30 minutes price instead of the package price. This is because In-Person readings allow for interactions and follow- up clarifications.

For Fixed Spreads, please book at least 45 minutes, and if it goes over, the top up can be paid in-store. 

What can / can’t I ask?
I generally advise against asking questions related to medical conditions, legal issues, details of life and death, and on another person’s behalf without their knowledge or approval. Focus on yourself. The more specific the question, the more detailed the answer.

Shipping & Returns

There will be no cancellations, refunds, or exchanges once the order has been confirmed.

In the event that the crystal sustains damage or breakage during the delivery process, we will refund the amount to you if the issue is reported to us within 3 working days upon receival of goods.