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My favourite crystals!

My favourite crystals!

Hello everyone!

I would love to share with you everyone's most requested topic: what my favorite crystals and how they have positively impacted me as a person.

I've put together a list of some amazing crystals that I think everyone should try out in their lifetime, if they can.


If you've been keeping up with our live shows, you probably already know that Citrine is my absolute favorite crystal in the whole wide world!

Citrine has brought me so much joy, happiness, and abundance! It's just one of the many crystals I've started collecting after doing some research on which ones are great for attracting wealth and joy.

This stone is a wonderful source of hope, optimism, wealth, and success, especially when it comes to investment, savings, sales, and business endeavors. It's also one of the few stones that I connect with on a deep level and have personally witnessed its magical effects on me.

Rose Quartz

Oh, my beautiful rose! Rose Quartz is one of my second top favorite crystals in the world! That's actually the inspiration behind our awesome trademark logo!

I remember during a difficult time in my life, I had a lot of negative feelings towards myself and I didn't feel very deserving. Rose Quartz is one of the first three crystals I've collected! When I first started collecting crystals, my main goal was to let go of negative emotions.

Rose Quartz helped me rediscover self-love and embrace it within myself. It fills me with a sense of peace, harmony, and calmness. And, most importantly, it reminds me that I am never alone and encourages me to let go of those who don't vibe with me, so they don't stress me out.

This stone is incredibly loving, it's one of my favorite ones that I've collected!

Smoky Quartz

The stone that made me feel at ease and grounded. During my emo days, I experienced feelings of unworthiness, a loss of confidence, and a sense of betrayal from people I once cared for and protected.

The stone provided me with a sense of assurance and security, reminding me that tough times will pass and good things are on their way. When I first started collecting crystals, I had the pleasure of manifesting with my lovely smoky quartz sphere and tower. I really enjoy the comforting feeling of safety and security I experience when I hold them every day.

Black Tourmaline
It may appear like charcoal to some, but trust me, it works wonders! My first black tourmaline was a raw black tourmaline. I remember that they were quite pricey for such a small item, but the energies they emitted were incredibly powerful!

Black Tourmaline is known for its incredibly powerful protective benefits! It's here to keep you safe and shield you from any negative energies, like bad feelings, accidents, and danger. The list goes on! I like to keep a bunch of black tourmalines at my main entrance. They help protect and absorb negative energies when I come back home. A must-have for any crystal enthusiast!

Confetti Sunstone

I knew about this stone around a year after collecting of crystals.
Confetti Sunstone is just as radiant as the sun! It releases incredibly strong and positive energies that keep you motivated and excited for the good things that are coming your way!

It's a stone that I love to wear when I want to enhance my leadership abilities and gain more support and confidence from my colleagues or team members.

I absolutely adore the name! The moment I found out about this stone, I was smitten. This amazing mixed mineral has such a wonderful effect on me - it helps me relax and keeps me feeling positive and happy all the time!

I absolutely adore chrysocolla! It has such a wonderful, peaceful energy that instantly puts me in a happy and relaxed state. It's like experiencing the joyful vibes of a beach holiday at a luxurious resort.

I absolutely love how this beautiful earth globe tone helps me feel more carefree, less tense, and less worked up than I usually am.

Wearing Chrysocolla gives me an indescribable feeling, in a good way of course

I hope you all had a great time reading this blog! I'll be back soon with part 2! 

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