Master Zach's Introduction

Some time around 20+ years ago, I was diagnosed with a nerve disorder that would make my nerves especially sensitive to pain signals. The troubling thing was that there was never a known cure or cause for this disorder. It just decided to happen. As with all chronic illnesses or diseases, this can only be managed.

That was the start of my lifelong journey to manage my disorder. When it first struck me, I remember being totally bedridden and unable to move an inch because any movement gave me tremendous pain. The doctor prescribed me some anti-depressants and muscle relaxants, and apparently, besides medication, the only way I would be better is to find ways of relaxing and go for regular massages.

I took the medication for a day and decided that I would never do it again. I do not know how people on anti-depressant drugs can be less depressed because I felt floaty and semi-conscious the entire day I was "awake"—it was not a good feeling. I suppose that kind of feeling takes the edge off extreme negativity, but I was determined not to live life this way.

Thus began my search for alternative remedies that work. These "alternative remedies" all largely fall within the realm of "vibrational" or "energetic" medicines, in which we use various modalities that channel energy to correct "imbalances" in our "energy bodies". No doubt, "energetic healing" is an unregulated field of "healing work," and hence there are almost as many types of healing as there are "energetic healers" trying to differentiate their services. I tried a good spread of these to see what could work, and after twenty plus years, I have also assembled my own healing modalities that helped keep my disorder at bay.

One of these modalities, as you guessed, is Feng Shui. Our Chinese ancestors somehow found a clever way to recognize, regulate, and re-direct energies in the immediate living environment to benefit individuals in terms of both health and wealth, as well as households in terms of relationships and offspring. The true beauty of Feng Shui is that, once the structure is set up, the benefits are continuously given to the residents, and this is truly wonderful. It is almost like having your own goose that lays golden eggs!

And while the mainstream media focuses on gaining wealth and prosperity through feng shui, true happiness to me is "absence"—the absence of illness, the absence of worries, the absence of misfortunes, the absence of arguments, etc. The absence of negative developments in our lives is often overlooked and taken for granted, but they are so important for us to fully enjoy our good fortunes.

I remember how, when I finally got my bedroom set up in the right way, I experienced better quality sleep. It led to a lot less pain and, therefore, less irritation and more harmonious relationships. Better-quality sleep also gave me higher focus, concentration, and productivity. Being in a good state of health and a good state of mind allows us to enjoy all the new wealth and prosperity that an effective Feng Shui set-up also brings.

However, my journey in Feng Shui was full of knocks and bumps. Previously, I engaged the services of other Masters, tried different "remedies" and went to a variety of classes, but they all had highly inconsistent effects, so much so that it seemed random, as if nothing had changed from before any Feng Shui intervention was done.

It was only when I met a few good masters and made a few good friends in this area, all of whom are incredibly low-profile, that I was finally able to understand what good Feng Shui is and how to make it happen. The simple and most important rule is that the best feng shui is always personalized. The setup must always be catered to the desired beneficiaries in accordance with the space they live or work in. There is no one fixed rule that should be applied to everyone and every space.

Feng Shui is an incredibly rewarding investment that all families can make because the energies not only enhance prosperity but also offer layers of protection. I was originally only assisting family and friends with their feng shui, but slowly word of mouth spread, and I found myself getting busier. When I chanced upon Acrysty, Charlene thought that this might also benefit her community of crystal lovers, and I agreed that perhaps it is time to spread the good knowledge further. Since we have the fate to meet on this platform, I hope to be of assistance to you in this random game of life and help to swing chances in your favor.


Founder of Full Sails Consultancy.
Master Zach | @zachfullsails
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